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Welcome to The Rainbow Academy a Non-Profit School of Performing Arts and Business

Inspired by the life-long legacy of our hero, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela’s dream for a unified, prosperous, free and democratic RAINBOW NATION FOR ALL, The Rainbow Academy , School of Performing Arts and Business, was formed in June 2010, to address the systemic scourge of unemployment, violence, socio-economic discrepancies and lack of access to education and employment for youth of colour, in post -Apartheid South Africa, 1994.

Forty students are enrolled annually into scholarships with recognized qualifications and job experience. Students undertake intensive experiential, practical and academic training (900 hours) in a combined curriculum of Music, Drama, Musical Theatre, Dance, African Music, Arts and Culture, Business, Life Skills, Hospitality and Tourism. They also participate in over 20 annual professional event, performances, productions and live TV and radio interviews and are mentored in life skills, leadership and entrepreneurship.  Each beneficiary is mentored to make a very significant contribution to their own, others, and community achievements in leadership and service.

Thus far, The Rainbow Academy has mobilized over 400 scholarships, internships, jobs and mentorships between 2010-2019 to youth from this sector. The academy programme is vibrant; relevant; creative and portable. It addresses history, culture, education, entertainment, tourism, entrepreneurship and jobs.

Become a part of our journey by sponsoring on Mandela Rhodes Place Hotel Platform. This can be done by making your reservation directly on their website – or by clicking on the ‘Donate” button.