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FAQ’s for Tourism Safety

Read this informative article below for great security safety tips

Below are some of the main safety tips we have taken from the article.

Safety Tips

• Make sure no one can see you enter your PIN or transaction amount at an ATM.
• Avoid carrying all your valuables (including your passport) and large sums of cash in your purse.
• Hike in a group, remain on the designated paths and carry a map.
• Carry plenty of water, a hat and a snack whilst hiking. Protect your skin from the UV rays by applying sunscreen.
• Never approach, feed or touch any of the wild animals found on the hiking trails.
• Never swim alone, always swim in areas that are supervised by a lifeguard.
• Use a reliable registered taxi service.
• Store emergency numbers on your phone and make sure it is charged before you leave your hotel.
• Don’t allow your children to wander off on their own make sure you always have an eye on them.